2016-17 Coaches
Varsity Head Coach - Scott Johnson
   Assistant Coach - Mike Kramer
Contact Coach Scott Johnson by phone: 215-534-1000
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The Legacy
Matt Sheldon and Mike Kramer
"Once a Raider... always a Raider"
Matt Sheldon Inducted into LCAA Hall of Fame @ 51st Livingston Conference Championships by Chairman Andy Englert.
                   Mike Kramer                  Aaron Parks                     BD Phillips                    Scott Johnson
                                           Coaching 1 of their career 20 NY State Tournament Wrestlers as
                                              LC News Chris Metcalf and "The Michael Johnson" look on
                                            Coach  Aaron Parks                               Coach  Scott Johnson
2013 Scott Johnson & Aaron Parks celebrating coaching a State Champion- Zack Bacon
                  Mike Kramer                                                   Scott Johnson