With a loaded bracket, Otto beats Warsaw's Charlie Vorhees
    and  then pins Canandaigua's Wes Bennett for the Trip to 1996 " States "
  joining  Hornell Teammates Kory Holland and Mat Drake
               1996 New York State Championships 2nd place -105 lbs.
                1996 Section V Champion State Qualifier -105 lbs.
                 1996 John J. Ordiway Memorial Award winner
                    as Section V MOW by Wrestling Officials Assoc.
                       1997 John Gemmell Award Winner
                      1996 Section V Class B Champion-105 lbs.
                        1995 Section V Class B Champion-105 lbs.
                        1997 Hornell Century Club-114 Wins
1996 Hornell Wrestling MOW
                          Otto House

   1996 Section V Champion
MOW 105 lbs.